About Fret RACK

Guitars. Not many things in life are better than guitars.

So why not have a website that lists guitars from major retailers in one place?

Or at least that's the idea.

So what is Fret RACK?


Aggregator websites

Besides being a total work in progress, Fret RACK is a data aggregator website.

Data aggregators are websites that collect information from various sources across the internet to provide consolidated and comprehensive data. However, due to the variety of sources, there can be inconsistencies in the data presented.

In other words, double check the guitars information on the sellers website before buying. Prices might have changed for example.



Due to the nature of data aggregation, the filters are not always universal. For example, some sellers may only have a few categories.

This means using the filters may exclude some sellers.

Using the search input will search all sellers and return more comprehensive results.


Local Storage

The rack is cookie based and clearing cookies will remove all guitars the user has racked.

You may have to allow cookies in your browser to use the site.

Some browsers will clear the cookies after a fixed period of time.



The site uses Algolia, a 3rd party search engine, to provide the search functionality. Each search incurs a cost.

Algolia offers incredible features that we plan to implement in the future. This depends on how well the site manages to cover the running costs.



The site uses adverts but we plan to remove them as soon as the affiliate programs can support the running costs.


Affiliate Programs

Hopefully, down the road, the site will qualify for seller affiliate programs.

This would mean the site gets a small commission from some sales. Only a few sellers have these programs.



Currently, the aim is to just keep adding sellers. Continuing with larger sellers and gradually adding more boutique sellers.

Next up will be a comparison feature for the rack allowing users to compare guitars side by side.

Hopefully progressing to having boutique luthiers on the site. Giving them an equal footing with the larger sellers and brands.


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